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The Challenge is my first serious attempt of making a great Svencoop map and Im pretty sure this is what you get when you download this map! The Challenge uses the maximum amount of entities possible with the HL engine. The main part of the map is a temple with 6 pillars and 6 teleporters. Each teleporter stands for an adventure or a task which you have to fulfill. When the job is done - for example to break a certain target - the teleporter is sealed and the pillar begins to shine. At the start you only have the crowbar. The first room inside the temple contains the glock and chargers for your health and HEV suit plus 6 doors. During the tasks you can find new weapons. Is a task finished one of the doors opens and reveals the weapon that could be found in this task. When all targets have been acchieved a big door opens and you can get some more action. You dont have to do the tasks in the same order everytime you play it, you can even chose if you team up on a mission or simply do several missions at the same time. Every mission has a totally different theme for example one is on a sailing ship. The whole map looks extremely cool and has lots of sounds and custom textures plus an alternative gameplay so I recommend this map to everyone who plays svencoop. It might be a little too easy for good players though.
main points of the map:

- alternative gameplay
- different tasks with free choice of order
- 2-5 players recommended
- a little too easy for good players
- cool outfit, sounds & textures with different themes


- you need 2 players to play the map, open the first door by pushing the buttons at the same time
- the weapons that you find in the tasks can be found in the first temple room
- these weapons are revealed when the tasks are fulfilled
- try to destory the temple style objects to fulfill the tasks
- destroy the dartboards in the bar task